research pavilion #4 helsinki

photo by tanja becher

14–18 june 2021
performative writing workshop

research pavilion #4 helsinki
hietsun paviljonki: ateljé-sali, juhlasali, ulkona

the performative writing workshop explores site-specific bodily writing. it focuses on the relationality between body, site, observation and writing as we make note of bodily observations in and about the exhibition space. the workshop is organised by visual artist lena séraphin, as a part of sharing text, her postdoctoral research project at the åbo akademi university and the faculty of education and welfare studies. sharing text  studieshow text can be published site purposely and written collectively in public space.

the performative writing workshop is multilingual. participation is possible whenever the venue is open and pre-registration is not required for the workshop. a debriefing event of the workshop is organised on saturday 19.6.2021.